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    Arena Lofts

    A spacious 175' x 40’ wide, 5-story leather factory allowing to create a vivid community in a house full of amenities just 15 minutes away from Penn Station, Manhattan, with approximately 30,000 sellable or rentable. With a renovation budget of 5,5 million dollars, a $ 17-22 million building is buildable within approximately 1,5 years.

    Kips Bay 

    Overall budget $ 13 Million, $ 3-4 M Million of convertible loan\equity is sought. A 100' x 20’ wide, 6-story cellar, 6 units, with approximately 9,300 SF rent-able walk-up mixed-use building located on the north side of East 31st Street between Second and Third Avenues. With a renovation & reconstruction budget of 5,5 million dollars, a $ 17-22 million building is buildable within approximately 1,5 years.

    Project Panda, Manhattan, New York


    A small, yet interesting investment project of up to $ 3 million to buy and flip a house in Midtown, Midtown Manhattan with an available loan to potentially earn up to $ 2,5 million less taxes, within 2 years.


    Project Hemingway, Havana


    Cuba is a true gem! With the warming relationships between Cuba and USA, Havana, a true gem of the Carribeans, turns to be a splendid

    Project Veradero, Havana, Cuba

    A relatively small, yet beautiful opportunity to buy a historical 9 room building and turn it into a mini hotel in the heart of Havana to earn up to 15% in CapRate.


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  • Timothy Stubs

    Partner, Dentons

    "Denis demonstrated excellent knowledge of the legal and business sides of transactions. He is without a doubt both a talented professional and entrepreneur; "

    Sergei Dubovik 

    Director, Deloitte, Consulting

    "I worked with Denis on several M&A and restructuring projects and had been always impressed by his level of expertise and commitment. I am looking forward to working with him again and achieve great results as usually."

    Andrei Joosten

    Managing Director of Lincoln International

    "Denis is a reputable individual in the field of M&A business and investent banking. He has become known as such during his career based on his continuous endeavors of business development"

    Richard Cohen


    "I hired North American Homes to assist me in creating a fun, comfortable, well-designed bed room for my seven year old boy within certain budgetary constraints. Maria met or greatly exceeded every expectation of mine and all within budget. She is a delight to work with and I’d recommend her highly."


    Michael Winn

    Senior Consultant at Kortina Advisory and BSN Group

    "Denis has a keen legal brain but is also pragmatic in finding flexible solutions to the many issues which arise in putting deals together!"

    Jill Halam

    Home Owner

    "Maria helped me with design. I appreciated her knowledge and ethical working values. The end project was beautiful. Would recommend her and use her again for further projects."


    Larisa Dydykina

    Leadership Consultant and Independent Non-Executive Director

    "We were looking for a company that could offer perfect design ergonomic home. Not every designer is ready to spend time on foreseeing real-life usability of beautiful design. Maria is the one who does pay attention to this. Thank you."

    Misha Esterovsky

    Director, Museon Park

    "The designers worked fast and were creative. I think that Maria Savina is one of the best and client oriented designers in town."

    Alexey Makeev

    "We really appreciate your work. You showed us the functionality that our apartment could offer, while keeping the comfort in beautiful design."

    Judith Aron

    Senior Associate at Salans

    "Denis is a great banking & finance lawyer! He'd explain the most sophisticated stuctures in plain language .. you'd believe it is as simple as he says ..."

    Aleksandra Samokhvalova

    Academy of Theatre and Arts, Professor

    "We hired North American Homes to fulfill the dreams of our family in home design. The company has showed a top-quality performance and we are very happy"

    Todd Culyba

    Partner at Dentons

    "Denis is a lateral thinker with a great attitude and a keen ability to get the job done."

    Kirill Pulyavin

    Sky Advertising Agency

    "Communicative and professional designer!"

    Olga Koulikova

    Starcom MediaVest

    "I really enjoyed working with them. It was so easy. They understand everything the client wants, and all is done so quickly. I’m glad that I hired this company."

    Larisa Chuprova

    Home Owner

    "I enjoyed accuracy and commitment. Your design gave my family all we needed and now everyone has his and her own space in the apartment."

  • Environmental, Social and Governance

    We believe that every investment analyst should know about the risks and opportunities of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. We help investment professionals better understand ESG issues in investing


    The ESG investing ethos embodies our efforts to promote a fiduciary culture and a more sustainable form of capitalism through our Environmental Social and Corporate initiative. This is a global effort to shape a more trustworthy, forward-thinking financial industry that better serves society


    North American Homes sustainability agenda prepares our city for a changing climate, a growing population, aging infrastructure, and an evolving economy with increasing inequality. In order to ensure quality of life for generations of New Yorkers to come, our programs help create housing for a growing population, provide clean and reliable energy, and improve transit capacity


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